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Dear Dr. Sirninger,

I would like to thank you for the TLC and compassion you extended to me from my very first visit to your office. I came into your office in great pain. You were so kind, you made me feel very comfortable for a first time patient. I had been in pain for quite awhile. Not only did my back hurt but I had pain in my leg and numbness in my hand.
After one, yes one adjustment, I felt tremendous relief. Over the next few adjustments, the pain went completely away. No more numbness in my hand. Words can not express my gratitude. My husband said being pain free has done wonders for my personality.
So thank you so very much. Please feel free to give my name and phone number to anyone wanting to verify my sincere recommendation for you.


Karen Rogers

Dear Dr. Mark,

Your patience and compassion, in addition to your various chiropractic treatments have given me back so much. I don't know how I would have survived if you weren't placed in my path. Thank you so much.

Pam D.

Dr. Mark,

Thanks for helping me live a better life with a lot less pain. Have a great New Years!


Diane W.

Dear Dr. Mark.

I just wanted to thank you for the extra special care that you have provided to me over the past few weeks. You have helped me to be able to feel good and function again and I can't tell you how much that has meant to me and my family. Your genuine caring of and consideration is really appreciated.


Diane P.

Dr. Mark,

Thank you for everything you have done for us. You're the best!

Dave & Christina

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